Barbara Juster Esbensen Memorial -- An Audio Experience

Award winning author, poet, teacher, grandmother, mother, wife, sister, and best-friend to those who knew her...

I Remember You -- Sung by Thorwald Esbensen -- a Tribute to Barbara
Lyrics by Johnny Mercer. Music by Victor Schertzinger.
(Click on the "play" button -- takes about 30 seconds to start playing)

  I remember you
  You're the one who made my dreams come true
  a few kisses ago
  I remember you
  You're the one who said I love you too
  I do
  didn't you know
  I remember too a distant bell
  and stars that fell
  like rain out of the blue
  When my life is through
  and the angels ask me to recall
  the thrill of it all
  Then I will tell them I remember you

An Interview with Barbara Juster Esbensen

How did you get interested in art?

What is an AUTHOR's NOTE?

Can anyone be a poet?

What is the "Great Buffalo race"?

As a child, what were your favorite books?

Dust dancers...

What do you mean by "patterns in nature"?

What do you look for in good writing?

Why is poetry important?

What are some of your new books?

How do you get a book published?

Barbara Juster Esbensen Memorial

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