Annual BJE Teaching Award Guidelines


[1] In honor of the memory of Barbara Juster Esbensen, a Teaching Award is given each year to someone (not necessarily a professional educator) who has made the best use of ideas in Barbara's book, A CELEBRATION OF BEES - Helping Children to Write Poetry.

[2] Contestants should apply for this award by submitting a manuscript according to the following conditions:

[A] A detailed typed or printed description of the teaching situation should be submitted. This should include what teaching was done and why it was done. The length of this description is up to the contestant. Good writing by the contestant will be a consideration because - with the permission of the contestant - it could lead to a publishable article that might be of help to others.

[B] The most important consideration will be the quality of the writing of those students who were taught according to one or more of the ideas in Barbara's book.

[C] The work of at least six students should be submitted.

[D] The names, ages, addresses, and phone numbers of these students should be submitted, along with written permission from them and/or their families to have their work submitted.

[E] The deadline for submission of entries by contestants is April 1st of each year. Each contestant should include his or her mailing address, phone number, and (if available) email address. Announcement of the winner will be made on April 28th, which is Barbara's birthday.

[F] Entries should be addressed to BARBARA JUSTER ESBENSEN TEACHING AWARD, 5602 DALRYMPLE ROAD, EDINA, MINNESOTA, 55424. Queries may be sent to the following email address:

[email protected]

[G] NOTE: No submitted materials will be returned.

[H] The amount of the award will be ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

If your local library does not have a copy of A CELEBRATION OF BEES, or if you wish to purchase a copy for yourself, you can email your request to:
[email protected] or call us at 612-929-2065.

The paperback version is available for $9.50 plus $3.50 for shipping. The hardcover version is available for $13.50 plus $3.50 for shipping. (Minnesota residents, add 6.5% Minnesota sales tax to book cost -- $.62/paperback, $.88/hardcover)

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