Echoes For The Eye

Book Review From BOOKLIST

"Using poetry and paintings, this unusual book explores the repetition of shapes in the natural world. A note from the author and illustrator explains the mathematical formulation known as...the Fibonacci series that can be observed in nature, such as in the spiral rows of sunflower seeds. This leads into a poem and painting of sunflowers, grouped with pages featuring other spirals such as ferns, hurricanes, tornadoes, nautilus shells, and galaxies. Branches are also explored in verse and illustrations, and include tree branches and roots, leaf veins, blood veins, and lightning. The other three categories of shapes considered are polygons, meanders, and circles. Esbensen's verse speaks quietly and succinctly and is illustrated by sensitive watercolor artwork. A most original introduction to geometry in nature."

Barbara Juster Esbensen Memorial

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