Ladder To The Sky


"This retelling is based on a story from George Copway's Traditional History and Characteristic Sketches of the Ojibway Nation (1850). According to this legend, the Great Spirit created a world filled with strong people who never experienced sickness or death. Messengers from the sky conducted the old back to the sky by way of a magic vine. When an old woman climbs the forbidden vine to keep her grandson from being taken away, she falls and breaks it, thus cutting off the connection between earth and sky, and bringing sickness and death to her people. The spirits reveal to the medicine men, however, the healing powers of nature. . . . Grade two and up"

Ladder To The Sky

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"While younger listeners may be impatient with the story's beginning, when Esbensen describes the old, idyllic way of life, the drama slowly builds as events unfold. . . . Davie uses line and watercolor skillfully, at times overlapping figures and patterns without losing the strength of the whole composition. The lovely borders repeat shapes, hues, and sometimes actual plant forms found in the artwork, creating harmony and resonance. A thoughtfully designed and illustrated book. . . . Ages five to eight" -- Carolyn Phelan

Ladder To The Sky


"This elegantly illustrated Ojibway pourquoi tale. . .is simply told in large print on each verso opposite a full-page watercolor painting with a colorful, intricate border. The softly colored pastel tones with eye-catching use of perspective and depth and traditional patterns and designs suggest the integral relationship between man and nature. . . . This legend could be used effectively in storytelling, and would also be of interest to students of comparative folklore because of its parallels to the Christian concept of Eden and original sin." -- Yvonne A. Frey

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