The Dream Mouse

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Ages 4 - 7. Based on the dainas, a form of ancient Latvian folk song, this lullaby is about the Dream Mouse and the dreams and sleep he brings to wakeful children. Traveling with his cart, the mouse goes from house to house, leaving dreams in his wake. The dreams, written images culled from 150 dainas, are pictured in Mitchell's fantastical illustrations, and the lulling, loving combination of words and pictures is tied together by the mouse's travels. A softly colored painting of a sleeping child surrounded by sweet dreams is at the end of the mouse's journey. -- Janice Del Negro

The Dream Mouse


I can't say enough about The Dream Mouse and the experience of reading it to my children. My girls were mesmerized by the beautiful lyric language and stunning illustrations, as if an ancient grandmother were singing them to sleep! -- Rick Neubert

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