Tiger With Wings: Great Horned Owl

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"Along with scientific information, [the author] conveys a sense of wonder and respect for the owl. Brown's finely detailed watercolors are as handsome as they are realistic and accurate. They offer a marvelous portrait of the owl in flight, at rest, hunting, courting, and feeding its young. Done in picture-book format, this will really serve an older audience best....Both author and illustrator have done a fine job of capturing the essence of a magnificent animal." --Leone McDermott

Tiger With Wings: Great Horned Owl

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"'Like the tiger, the great horned owl hunts in the dark, and it kills instantly. Its stripes let it blend with the forest patterns of dim light and shadow. Its two-inch feather tufts look like a tiger's ears, and it has a face like an angry cat. It is a tiger with wings - a tiger that can fly almost unseen through the darkness.' This dramatic analogy provides a useful focus for a thoughtful picture-book presentation of the owl as predator....A very attractive introduction to this majestic animal, which has survived for an impressive thirty-six million years." --Margaret A. Bush

Tiger With Wings: Great Horned Owl


"The writing is clean and clear, with an occasional colorful simile or metaphor. The final paragraphs deal with the interaction of humans and great horned owls. Although no index is included, the book is short enough to read for reports and glean ample information. However, it will also have wide appeal to general readers, even those not usually drawn to nonfiction, because of its outstanding writing and illustrations." --Kathleen Odean

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