Baby Whales Drink Milk

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This beautifully illustrated informational picture book for young readers/listeners depicts the lives and habits of one of the ocean's most fascinating creatures: the hunchback whale.

Author Barbara Juster Esbensen and illustrator Lambert Davis take the reader on an under the sea exploration of the similarities of this amazing animal as compared to fish and other mammals. The visual fact that baby whales drink milk from their mother's bodies should be intriguing for children as they try to relate the huge mammal's life to their own. The careful illustrations in this book extend the text to provide a more vivid and accurate account of the life of whales. Even though the book is recommended for the young child, a little older student could gain just as much information from this selection by reading it him/herself.

After having been submerged into the underwater life experiences of whales, children might be more curious about sea life. This would be a perfect opportunity to gather other picture books about sea animals and read/share them with the children. Discussions about differences between people and animals may follow, as well as differences among the different kinds of sea creatures. Also children could list characteristics of the sea animals they have read about and compare similarities and differences. - Kuhlman

Baby Whales Drink Milk

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"The text introduces a full range of information about whale anatomy, development, and behavior. Full-color paintings, mainly in watery greens and blues, show the animals in their habitat. . . .The book's strong point, though, is Esbensen's simple, informative text, which keeps its young audience clearly in view. Given the popularity of the subject, a good choice for most libraries serving young children." -- Carolyn Phelan

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