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Geier Technical Consulting is me, Jim Geier, sole proprietor, an OpenVMS independent consultant with Digital VMS and OpenVMS experience dating back to VAX/VMS version V1.5 on a VAX 11/780.

Geier Technical Consulting specializes in management and configuration of HP's OpenVMS systems, VAX, Alpha, and Integrity in large or small, standalone or clustered configurations. Geier Technical Consulting is also adept at management and configuration of InterSystems Cache' environments running on OpenVMS systems.

  • OpenVMS Integrity, Alpha, VAX system performance analysis
  • OpenVMS system and cluster configuration assessment and optimization
  • System management of OpenVMS systems in simple or complex configurations
  • Installation and startup of new systems, or system upgrades
  • Migration of VAX to Alpha or Alpha to Integrity architecture
  • Management and configuration of InterSystems Cache' environments
  • Automation of system management tasks

For further information, contact Geier Technical Consulting as follows:

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Geier Technical Consulting
3525 Del Mar Heights Road #400
San Diego CA 92130-2122

I do have one old sort-of-favorite quote that I will share. From the television show "Harry-O," which starred the late David Janssen:

The facts are often poor servants of the truth.

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