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Announcing is probably the single most important element in a successful promotion. Ralph Elliott has been involved in the sport of bicycle racing for more than 30 years, and has been providing expert, knowledgeable cycling commentary for the past 20 years. By using a combination of enthusiastic delivery and music soundtracks, he introduces newcomers to cysling and brings enjoyment to all ages. Having a top quality announcer can make your event.


"Race Headquarters" rolls onto the course in a specialized trailer, custom-built to service a bicycle race. Race day operations flow smoothly from an 8' x 16' stage, with rooftop officiating and photo-finish camera platform. The equipment includes a 600 watt professional P.A. system, complete structure and rigging for start/finish banners, awards podium, plus all the paraphernalia to make a first class bicycle race.


M*G*E Racing is currently providing a complete state of the art video photo-finish set-up. The proof of the order is on the TV; with no more hassles between riders and officials.


M*G*E Racing can provide consultation on all phases of bicycle race organization, including: plus much more.

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