Touch Technologies, Inc. Product Offerings

Touch Technologies, Inc. Product Offerings

INTOUCH INSA - Network Security Agent

INTOUCH INSA provides network-wide surveillance. All network-based user activity is scanned---regardless of the computer manufacturer or operating system being used.
Through the use of keystroke-level surveillance, INTOUCH INSA detects:

Network and system impact

INTOUCH INSA has no impact on network or system performance. INTOUCH INSA requires no loading of software to any system, anywhere on the network. Even INTOUCH INSA's real-time display of user activity has absolutely no impact on network or system performance!

The complete package

INTOUCH INSA comes complete---packaged as a turn-key system. Included in the package is a devoted, high-speed, 64-bit RISC system. Installation is quick and easy.

See the INTOUCH INSA documentation for details.

Intrusion Detection

Over 80% of all computer crime comes from the inside! Firewalls can slowdown an outsider who is breaking into your system. But having a firewall in place will not stop or detect unauthorized insider use of your computer systems. And, if a session is hijacked, your firewall will be rendered ineffective!

INTOUCH INSA - Network Security Agent scans all user activity on your networks, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Whether the intrusion is from the outside (firewall failure) or from the inside (unauthorized insider activity), INTOUCH INSA detects the intrusion activity and takes manager-defined actions.

Enforcing Computer-Use Policies

The enforcement of computer-use policies has become an impossible and expensive undertaking. Thousands of workstations, PCs, terminals, and super-mini computers are in use each day. Many systems are also connected to LANs, WANs, and the Internet. Prior to the introduction of INTOUCH INSA, there was no solution to this difficult task of policy enforcement. Now, at last, with INTOUCH INSA, there is a solution!

How INTOUCH INSA does its job

Running on a devoted, high-speed, 64-bit RISC system, INTOUCH INSA reads all network packets, reconstructs all user activity, and scans the activity for possible computer-use policy violations. The scanning is done automatically, in the background, and without any impact on the network. The patterns to be scanned for can be customized by the Network Security Manager.

When a possible policy violation is detected by INTOUCH INSA, the Network Security Manager is alerted. Once alerted, the Network Security Manager can review the incident, and even start a real-time display of the possible violator's session.

INTOUCH INSA is inexpensive and highly effective

INTOUCH INSA's inexpensive and highly effective network intrusion detection capabilities:
With INTOUCH INSA - Network Security Agent the Network manager and Network Security Officer finally have a tool that allows the automated tracking and logging of unauthorized or suspicious activity---down to the keystroke level -- in real-time!

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