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These estimated values are not an intent to purchase or state exactly what you can expect to pay or sell for. It is a guideline of today's market in our opinion.

In the opinion of the Chatty Cathy Collectors Club, we give 1960-1963 Mattel Chatty Cathys the following values.:

Chattys are not valued the same as vintage Barbies are, where the first models are valued higher. Some restorers have been making changes to Chattys. Chattys may show up at a doll show or for resale on the internet or in publications with re-rooted hair, saying different phrases or have an unusual eye color for that model. We do not give creedence to these "Rare" Chattys. Don't be taken in and pay high for these dolls.

The only repair and restoration service we recommend is Chatty Cathy's Haven [email protected].

Chatty Cathys:

  1. Never removed from box condition-just like it was on the store shelves in the 60's, wrist tag, papers, pristine box with correct model number for that particular model doll, complete contents, mute or talking $350 to $750
  2. Mint in box-complete, perhaps some age wear, but unplayed with, $175 to $300
  3. Mint-excellent condition non boxed in all original clothes $60 to $150
  4. Played with, very good condition in partial original clothes $25 to $75
  5. Played with, well loved, no original clothes $10 to $40
  6. African American Chatty Cathys - $300 to $1500 depending on condition, mint in box status, etc.

Please note that these guidelines are just for Chatty Cathy, not other Mattel Chatty dolls such as Chatty Baby, Tiny Chatty Baby, Tiny Chatty Brother, Charmin' Chatty, Singin' Chatty, Matty Mattel, Sister Belle, etc.

If you have questions on the value of your Chatty (all varities) you can get a complete evaluation with a checklist and appraisal. Send a minimum of 4 photos- close-up face, full body front, full body rear, close-up hair, a SASE and a check for $10 payable to the Chatty Cathy Collectors Club to our NJ address. This service is free to club members, with a SASE and the required photos. Photos will be returned.

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