A Guide to the Sheerpower Language

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H.6.5 Function List

Below is a list of all the different functions that you can map a keystroke to:

Table H-9 Keystroke Functions
  Align equal signs
  Back Tab
  Command prompt
  Convert to lower case
  Convert to upper case
  Copy paragraph
  Copy selected line
  Define find
  Delete current character
  Delete current line
  Delete current word
  Delete from caret (cursor) to next word
  Delete to beginning of line
  Delete to end of line
  Delete to end of word
  Document routine
  Find next
  Fixup Right Margin (default: current paragraph)
  Fixup Right Margin (default: current paragraph, no fill)
  Fixup Right Margin (default: current line)
  Fixup Right Margin (default: current line, no fill)
  Generate debug trace
  Go down
  Go to definition
  Go up
  Highlight line
  Highlight paragraph
  Insert blank line prior
  Launch console window
  Launch SPDEV
  Move down one line
  Move left one character
  Move left one word
  Move right one character
  Move right one word
  Move to beginning of line
  Move to beginning of next line
  Move to beginning of this or previous line
  Move to bottom of file
  Move to end of line
  Move to end or beginning of line
  Move to top of file
  Move up one line
  New file
  Next bookmark
  Open file
  Open temp file
  Organize code
  Page Down
  Page Up
  Paste current character
  Paste current line
  Paste current word
  Previous bookmark
  Program template
  Purge files
  Restore selection
  Reverse case
  Routine template
  Save file
  Select all
  Select enclosed text
  Set Insert
  Set overstrike
  Show definition
  Sort text
  Start recording a macro
  Substitute expansion
  Toggle bookmark
  Toggle insert/overstrike
  Toggle select mode
  Trim paste
  Where was I?



These advanced functions should only be used when assisting technical support with problem solution. Advanced features are not intended to be used outside of resolving technical support issues.

Table H-10 Advanced Menu
Function Description
Journal Records all mouse and keystroke movements within SPDEV. This is used for SheerPower development debugging.
View Function Usage Statistics Displays the number of times each special keystroke function has been used during the current session in SPDEV.



Maximize All is the default setting for the window display.

Table H-11 Window Menu
Function Description
Second View View the current file inside a new window in SPDEV.
Cascade View all open files in SPDEV in smaller cascading windows.
Tile View all open files in tile format inside SPDEV.
Maximize All View all open files in maximized view. This is the default window display setting.
Arrange Icons Arranges minimized icons.
Results Window Hide or display the Results Window at the bottom of the SPDEV window. The Results Window contains the following tabs:

Find 1 and Find 2: When using the Find in Files feature (Edit-->Find in Files) you can choose which Find tab to display the results in.

Build: Displays the build status of the last .SPSRC program file run or deployed during the current session in SPDEV.

Purge: Displays the names of the backed up file versions successfully purged.

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