A Guide to the Sheerpower Language

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Chapter 16
16 Database Setup
     16.1     SETUP--Overview
         16.1.1         Entering SETUP
     16.2     SETUP Table Definitions
         16.2.1         Table Name
         16.2.2         Database Engine
         16.2.3         Data Set
         16.2.4         Data dictionary
     16.3     SETUP - Properties and Procedures
         16.3.1         Data Field Definitions
                Data Type
                Starting Position
                Prompt Text
                Report Heading
                Print Mask
                Screen Mask
                Help Text
                Access Rules
                Validation Rules
                Field Definitions and Key Fields - General Information
         16.3.2         Modifying an Existing Data Field
         16.3.3         Deleting Field Information
         16.3.4         Viewing and Printing Definitions
     16.4     Structure Security
     16.5     Creating the Data File
         16.5.1         Record Size
         16.5.2         Preallocated Records
         16.5.3         Organization
         16.5.4         Key Field Information
         16.5.5         Create Data File
Chapter 17
17 Sheerpower Internet Services (SPINS) Webserver
     17.1     SPINS Webserver Location and Directory Structure
         17.1.1         Stop Microsoft IIS Webserver
         17.1.2         Test SPINS_Webserver
         17.1.3         Specify a Different Port Number
                Localhost Port
                Run Web-based Applications on Multiple Ports
         17.1.4         Specify Any Root Folder
         17.1.5         SPINS Webserver Options

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