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Available Technologies

The technologies listed below are all opportunities for investment, or for sale/license. Investors, potential partners or buyers are invited to contact us for more information:

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 800-525-2527
Facsimile: 858-566-3603

  • IGAME Technology

    IGAME can reduce the current multi-million dollar overhead required to run massive multi-player online games (MMOG) by over 95%. This is done by increasing the number of players who can connect to a single server (one dual CPU processor box) from the current industry standard to over 10,000 players per server. TTI has been testing the technology for over 8 years.

  • Surveylens Technology

    Surveylens is a patented technology for enterprise-wide digital surveillance, utilizing thousands of cameras and viewers. Surveylens is a flexible and scalable surveillance system. Most current surveillance systems handle 16-32 cameras at most, while Surveylens can easily handle thousands! TTI has been testing this technology for over 8 years. While geared towards surveillance, the technology would greatly enhance numerous application types.

  • Stockup Technology

    Stockup is a patent-pending technology for analyzing stock trades -- suggesting the best times to buy, sell or hold a given stock. There is a blue "Power Point Presentation" link near the top of the Stockup home page that takes you through a sample of how using Stockup versus traditional 'buy and hold' methods compared.

    Currently Stockup generates a 2% return/month.

  • RFID Visual Tracking

    This proprietary technology provides for the visual tracking of objects in a facility (such as a warehouse) using fixed viewing video cameras, RFIDs, RFID readers, and a camera coordinator. One use of this technology is to reduce warehouse theft (shrinkage). The potential uses for this technology are endless.

  • RFID Gambling Team Detection

    This exciting new patent-pending technology involves a system and methods for detecting potential gambling teams in a gaming casino. Schemes to fraudulently obtain money or credits from casinos or gaming houses by manipulating card play and/or credit devices, such as chips, are known. A very well known scheme instance is the MIT Blackjack Team.

    One use of this technology is using RFID enabled gaming chips. The chips are tracked and the movement of such chips analyzed so that gambling teams can be detected. Other chip activity, such as theft, can also be monitored.

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