A Guide to the Sheerpower Language

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Chapter 19
19 Writing Network Applications and Accessing Devices
     19.1     Accessing Data from Webpages
     19.2     Sending Email
     19.3     Webserver CGI Interface
         19.3.1         SheerPower 4GL CGI Interface Sample Program
         19.3.2         Testing the CGI Interface
         19.3.3         How the EVAL_HANDLER Program Works
         19.3.4         Waiting for CGI Requests
         19.3.5         Processing CGI Requests
         19.3.6         Building CGI Custom HTTP Headers
         19.3.7         CGI Interface Performance Considerations
         19.3.8         Summary of CGI Environment Variables
     19.4     Using TCP/IP and UDP Protocols
         19.4.1         TCP/IP Protocol
         19.4.2         UDP Protocol
     19.5     Communication Port Support
Chapter 20
20 SheerPower Web Scripting
         20.0.1         Chapter Overview
     20.1     Running the Sample Script Programs
         20.1.1         Sample Web Form Script Program
         20.1.2         Sample Matrix Web Script Program
         20.1.3         How the Matrix Sample Program Works
                Script Area in Matrix.spsrc
                Code Area in Matrix.spsrc
                Use of GETSYMBOL$() in Matrix.spsrc
     20.2     Defining CODE and SCRIPT Areas
     20.3     SheerPower Script Areas
         20.3.1         Embedding SheerPower Code Inside a Script Area
     20.4     SheerPower Code Areas
         20.4.1         Displaying Complex Expression Results
         20.4.2         Embedding Script Areas in Code Areas with %INCLUDE
         20.4.3         CGI Environment Symbols - GETSYMBOL$ Function
                Embedded Code for CGI Symbol Lookups
     20.5     High Performance PERSIST Tags
         20.5.1         Marking Code to Run Once
     20.6     Location of SheerPower Scripting Programs
         20.6.1         How to Invoke a SheerPower Script Program in the Browser
Chapter 21
21 Calling Routines Written In Other Languages
     21.1     LIBRARY
     21.2     CALL
         21.2.1         Passing Mechanisms
Appendix A
Appendix A Coding Principles and Standards
Appendix B
Appendix B Reserved Words
Appendix C
Appendix C SheerPower's Error and Exception Messages
     C.1     Compile Errors
     C.2     Exceptions

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