A Guide to the Sheerpower Language

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Contents (summary)
Preface Preface
Chapter 1 Getting Started in Sheerpower
Chapter 2 Debugging and Experimenting in SP4GL Console Window
Chapter 3 Program Elements in SheerPower
Chapter 4 Data Types in SheerPower
Chapter 5 Assigning Variables and Defining Arrays
Chapter 6 Built-in Functions
Chapter 7 Printing and Displaying Data
Chapter 8 Data Entry User Interface
Chapter 9 Input Dialogbox - Creating GUI Forms with SheerPower
Chapter 10 Loops, Conditionals, and Chaining
Chapter 11 Set and Ask Statements
Chapter 12 SheerPower and DDE
Chapter 13 Exception Handling
Chapter 14 File Handling
Chapter 15 Data Structure Statements
Chapter 16 Database Setup
Chapter 17 SheerPower and ODBC
Chapter 18 SheerPower Internet Services (SPINS) Webserver
Chapter 19 Writing Network Applications and Accessing Devices
Chapter 20 SheerPower Web Scripting
Chapter 21 Calling Routines Written In Other Languages
Appendix A Coding Principles and Standards
Appendix B Reserved Words
Appendix C SheerPower's Error and Exception Messages
Appendix D ASCII Character Set
Appendix E SheerPower Database Interfaces
Appendix F Keystrokes for SheerPower Rapid Development Environment
Appendix G Input Dialogbox--supported HTML tags
Appendix H SPDEV Menu Item Descriptions
Appendix I Developing Professional Applications with SheerPower
Appendix J Sample SheerPower Programs Included with SheerPower 4GL Install
Appendix K Generation Language
Appendix L Troubleshooting the CGI Interface
Appendix M SheerPower and Program Segmentation
Appendix N Advanced Record Systems (ARS) Utilities
Appendix O Smart Copy and Paste (Programming Keystroke)


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 Getting Started in Sheerpower
     1.1     Getting Started
     1.2     Creating a New Program in Sheerpower
         1.2.1         Menu Program Example
         1.2.2         Saving a Program in Sheerpower
         1.2.3         File Backup Versions
         1.2.4         Purge Old Backup Files
     1.3     Running and Deploying a Program in Sheerpower
         1.3.1         Sheerpower Deployment of Portable Runnable Applications
         1.3.2         Running a Sheerpower Program
     1.4     Program Examples
     1.5     Developing Professional Applications with Sheerpower
     1.6     Open Existing Files in SPDEV
     1.7     Default file location and file types
     1.8     Sheerpower Program Error Messages
     1.9     SP4GL Console Window
         1.9.1         SP4GL Console Window Keystrokes
     1.10     Getting Help in Sheerpower
     1.11     Conventions Used in this Manual
     1.12     Presentation of Command and Statement Information
     1.13     Other Sheerpower Features
Chapter 2
2 Debugging and Experimenting in SP4GL Console Window
     2.1     SheerPower Commands and Statements
         2.1.1         Recalling Previous Commands in SheerPower
         2.1.2         Using the [Tab] Key Features
                Command Completion in SheerPower
                Spelling Correction of Commands in SheerPower
                Expanding Abbreviations
     2.2     Creating a Sample Program
     2.3     Errors and Exceptions
     2.4     Using Commands in SP4GL Console Window
         2.4.1         BUILD
         2.4.2         RUN
         2.4.3         LIST
         2.4.4         HALT Statement
         2.4.5         SHOW FILES
         2.4.6         GO
     2.5     Debug Facilities
         2.5.1         DEBUG ON
         2.5.2         DEBUG OFF
         2.5.4         STATS ON
         2.5.5         STATS OFF
         2.5.6         LIST STATS
         2.5.7         BREAK Statement
         2.5.8         STEP
     2.6     SP4GL Console Window Keystrokes

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