A Guide to the Sheerpower Language

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Chapter 9
9 Input Dialogbox - Creating GUI Forms with Sheerpower
     9.1     INPUT DIALOGBOX Statement
     9.2     Parsing INPUT DIALOGBOX Results
     9.3     INPUT DIALOGBOX Directives
     9.4     Supported HTML Tags and Attributes
         9.4.1         Sheerpower Tag - <sheerpower>
                Sheerpower Tag Attributes - COLOR, HEIGHT, WIDTH, TITLE
                Sheerpower Tag Attribute - BACKGROUND
                Sheerpower Tag Attributes - SRC
                Sheerpower Tag Attributes - AUTOSUBMIT
                Sheerpower Tag Attributes - AUTOSCALE
                Sheerpower Tag Attributes - ATTACHED
                Sheerpower Tag Attributes - TYPE
                Specifying a Root-Level for the Browsing of Files
         9.4.2         Form Tags
                Custom SUBMIT Buttons
                Image Submit Buttons
         9.4.3         Formatting Tags
                LINE BREAK
                ORDERED LIST
                UNORDERED LIST
                HORIZONTAL RULE
                INLINE IMAGE
         9.4.4         Text Formatting Tags
                PREFORMATTED TEXT
         9.4.5         Table Tags
                Table HEADER TH
                Table Row TR
                Table Data TD
     9.5     Inserting Variable Data into a Form
     9.6     Storing Selections from a Form into Variables
     9.7     Performing Data Record Lookups and Updates

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