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"This is something Leonardo da Vinci would have come up with--had he lived a few hundred more years."
- Al Barbuto Jr., Tool Maker, North Adams, MA
"...just wanted to say thanks for such a wonderful machine! By the midpoint of the race [2003 RAAM] it was clear the TitanFlex had more virtues compared to my other two bikes. Saddle sores gathered early in the race on a rigid machine were actually healing by being aboard the TitanFlex. Missouri was such a blast and Indiana was blurred because of the TitanFlex's capabilities [negative-splitting the course.] I spent a total of about two-thirds of the 3000 race miles on the TitanFlex."
- Rick Ashabranner
"I am 54 years old. I love athletics and I enjoy competing. Unfortunately, like many high middle-aged, x-high school, x-college athletes, I have widespread degenerative changes of my spine. I started road biking in earnest with a Cannondale since my back would not allow me to continue running. The aluminum Cannondale was a very poor choice. The stiffness of the frame transmitted every jolt and vibration to my spine producing pain and greater immobility. I was about to give up riding. I then purchased the Softride Classic. This was a pretty good bike but the beam had too much give. My second Softride was the Rocket (stiffer beam). After cracking two support beams, it was obvious this frame could not handle my weight and riding style even though I was well within the bike's weight limits and I don't think I was a particularly bouncy rider.

After some more research, several conversation with Tom Piszkin, and a few extra jobs to bring in some cash, I took a leap of faith in May of 2006 and purchased the Veteran TitanFlex frame with fairly agressive components. I have ridden my TitanFlex over 2000 miles. I love this bike. I have absolutely no pain in my back during or after the ride. Once I made the needed [fitting] adjustments, this bike has performed flawlessly. I ride with guys who take their cycling seriously--to call any of them recreational cyclists would be an insult. There is no way that I would still be riding at this skill level and with total back comfort if not for the TitanFlex.

I have to believe that my body is not unique and that there are many people out there my age who want to ride competitively but who believe they can't. All I can say is, the TitanFlex has been one of my best sport's investments and if it works for me, it should work for you."

- Dr. David Turkewitz, York, PA
"Yes, I know it has been a year and am just sending my Registration. But is has been such a nice year with "Sophia" that I can't thank you enough for her [my Veteran TitanFlex]. Besides being beautiful, and always complimented by the bypasers, she has allowed me to ride longer with little or no pain.

As I mentioned to you I had never spent that kind of money on myself, since I'm not the fastest rider in town. But I do have to mention that my riding has only gotten better. I can ride in the wind with less resistance, and while before I could barely reach 15 mph (don't laugh), I can now reach comfortably anywhere from 16-19 mph for longer periods of time, with a lot less effort. Is it the Bike? I give her all the credit for the way I ride today.

So, thank you once again and believe me she is getting noticed here in Florida. Red actually attracts the questions."

- Leyli L. Van Dine, Boca Ratan, FL
"My first long ride was awesome. A training mate and I did an 86-miler. The bike handled extremely well in the wind. The winds were 18-25 mph--it is quite windy on Guam this time of year. The SPOX handled the cross wind better than the Rev-X's. The bike handles very well. I found it interesting and useful that as my cadence became too fast I could sense a bounce in the seat and boom. This "feedback" was useful in that I would know it was time to shift into a more efficient gearing which eliminated the bounce. I am very happy with the bike and its components. Just as important, I am most pleased with your expertise and service. Thank you. My training mates are very impressed with the bike and a bit jealous. They just purchased Kestrels and are dismayed that the TitanFlex is sooo light [17.3 lb] compared to their carbon bikes."
- John LaBanc, CDR, USN, Guam
"My TitanFlex is a technological leap above the Kestrel KM40 and 500 SCi I was riding. On just my third ride, I was four minutes faster over a 20 mile course I've been riding for years."
- Bill Leach, 1996 Age Group World Champion
"TitanFlex is more than 2 pounds lighter than the ZIPP I had been riding. There's no limit to your forward positioning... it's Humvee stable. This is the ultimate time trial machine!"
- Doug Marocco, 1991, 92, 93 & 96 US MilitaryTriathlon Champion
"Talk about an all-around bike, my TitanFlex has been a real work horse in my daily commuting, hill work, sprint training, and weekend century rides...light, comfortable, durable."
- Donald White, US NAVY Triathlon Team 6-time Hawaii IRONMAN finisher
"I've decided to purchase the TitanFlex. May I place my order on line through this e-mail? May I give you a credit card number over the phone and mail you the donation reciept? If your answers are yes, here are the specifics for the bike I want"
- Dave Young, USMC, Ret., Plano, Texas
"Yeah, it works... I found the TitanFlex to be the most comfortable bike I've ridden... it is really the only road bike you'll need, as it is equally at home on long rides or pounding pavement in a race. Add in the comfort factor and suddenly the price doesn't sound nearly as harsh as riding a rigid frame for the rest of your life."
- Joe Lindsey, Editor, Bicyclist
"I had a great race with your bike. In very windy conditions, I turned in a 40K split of 1:04 including the transition. This is about a 2 minute improvement over my TetraTri--not including the wind! Also had a flawless bike to run transition, my legs felt fresher off the bike--and much less back pain. I'm convinced you've built a great bike. Got any decals for the back window of my SUV?"
- Pete Benchoff, Aiea, Hawaii 
"On my first ride I took it out on a typical 33 mile out-and-back course I do, and averaged over 1 mph faster than my previous fastest time! I wasn't entirely sure I was going into the wind, until I turned around. Seriously, thank you for such an awesome bike!"
- Steve Rochford, Educator, Newport Beach, CA
"WOW!!! I love it. Between the lighter weight, and the pure responsiveness of the bike, it has caught me off guard a couple of times. It handled so well on the descends. I was able to take corners so much faster than usual, and climbing...another big WOW. It has the perfect balance b/t stiffness and forgiveness."
- Sherry Coons, Ex-Pro Triathlete, fastest female bike split at 2002 Cal Half Ironman
Gerry Tatrai
Race Across America Winner
In 1996 Gerry "jumped" into the World Solar Cup Challenge on his TitanFlex and crossed the Australian continent in record-setting time! In 1998 Gerry won the Race Across America on a TitanFlex.

Earlier in his career Gerry Tatrai suffered major injuries: a broken ankle, femur, pelvis in three places, three ribs and a punctured lung, which could have ended most cycling careers. He was in constant pain when he won the 1993 Race Across America and throughout 1994.

"At the BIO show in September of 1994 Tom Piszkin suggested I try a design he had been perfecting. He would build a titanium beam bike using the dimensions of my trusty rigid frame. The result was a revelation.

Instantly at home, suspended comfort of a beam, only better -- more lateral movement, totally adjustable suspension for all conditions in a flash.

The slimline top tube with low center of gravity, great for those rocking hill climbs and out of the saddle sprinting. All the while comfortable for grinding the high gears down in the aero bars. Thanks, Tom"

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