A Guide to the Sheerpower Language

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Appendix D
Appendix D ASCII Character Set
Appendix E
Appendix E Sheerpower Database Interfaces
     E.1     Supported Database Engines
Appendix F
Appendix F Keystrokes for Sheerpower Rapid Development Environment
         F.0.1         GOLD Key
         F.0.2         Custom Keymapping
         F.0.3         Disable Keypad Editing
         F.0.4         Specific Tables of Keystroke Functions
     F.1     Most Popular Keystrokes
     F.2     Programming Keystrokes
     F.3     Keystroke Combinations
     F.4     Editing Keystrokes
         F.4.1         Select Keystrokes
         F.4.2         Copy Keystrokes
         F.4.3         Cut Keystrokes
         F.4.4         Paste Keystrokes
         F.4.5         Delete Keystrokes
         F.4.6         Formatting Keystrokes
     F.5     Keystrokes For Movement Within a File
     F.6     Search, Find and Replace Keystrokes
     F.7     Keypad Editing Keystrokes
     F.8     GOLD Keystrokes
     F.9     Ctrl Keystrokes
     F.10     F Keystrokes
     F.11     Alt Keystrokes
     F.12     Shift Keystrokes
     F.13     Learn and Macros Keystrokes
     F.14     All Keystrokes
Appendix G
Appendix G Input Dialogbox Supported HTML Tags
     G.1     FORM Tags
     G.2     Formatting Tags
     G.3     Text Formatting Tags
     G.4     TABLE tags
     G.5     IMG Attributes
     G.6     Supported HTML Colors
Appendix H
Appendix H SPDEV Menu Item Descriptions
     H.1     FILE
     H.2     EDIT
         H.2.1         Find
     H.3     DISPLAY
     H.4     PROJECTS
     H.5     SHEERPOWER
     H.6     OPTIONS
         H.6.1         Change System Settings
             H.6.1.1             Expansions
             H.6.1.2             Abbreviations
         H.6.2         Keystroke Function Mappings
         H.6.3         Keystroke Function Mappings Option
         H.6.4         Assigning Byte Values to Keystrokes
         H.6.5         Function List
     H.7     ADVANCED
     H.8     WINDOW
     H.9     HELP

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