A Guide to the Sheerpower Language

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Appendix I
Appendix I Developing Professional Applications with Sheerpower
     I.1     Application Example
     I.2     Creating a Professional Program File
         I.2.1         Step 1: Create a Program File with a Program Template
     I.3     Program Template
         I.3.1         Step 2: Filling Out the Program Template Header
     I.4     Routine Template
         I.4.1         Using GOLD/R to Make Subroutines
         I.4.2         Running the Example Program
     I.5     Routine Definitions
         I.5.1         F12 - Show definition
         I.5.2         F11 - Go to definition
     I.6     Using GOLD/O to Organize Routines
Appendix J
Appendix J Sample Sheerpower Programs Included With Installation
Appendix K
Appendix K Generation Language
Appendix L
Appendix L Troubleshooting the CGI Interface
     L.1     CGI Troubleshooting Checklist
         L.1.1         Stop Microsoft IIS Webserver
         L.1.2         Test SPINS_Webserver
         L.1.3         Specify a Different Port Number
     L.2     Testing the CGI Interface
         L.2.1         Sheerpower CGI Interface Sample Program
         L.2.2         How This Form Works
         L.2.3         How The EVAL_HANDLER Program Works
             L.2.3.1             Open A CGI connection
             L.2.3.2             Waiting For Requests
             L.2.3.3             Processing A CGI Request
         L.2.4         Custom HTTP Headers
         L.2.5         Performance
         L.2.6         Summary of CGI Environment Variables
Appendix M
Appendix M Sheerpower and Program Segmentation
Appendix N
Appendix N Advanced Record Systems (ARS) Utilities
     N.1     ARS Utilities Overview
         N.1.1         Accessing ARS Help Text
     N.2     ARSBACKUP - Backup ARS Database
         N.2.1         Create ARSBACKUP Files When Programs Are Running
     N.3     ARSCHK - Check ARS Database
     N.4     ARSFIX - Fix ARS Database
     N.5     ARSRESTORE - Restore ARS Database
     N.6     FDL2ARS - Create ARS from FDL
     N.7     ARS2FDL - Create FDL from ARS
     N.8     ARS2ARS - CREATE ARS from ARS
     N.9     ARSCACHESIZE - Display Locking & Cache Management Statistics
     N.10     ARSERR2TEXT - Display ARS Error Information
     N.11     ARSFLUSH - Flush Cache
     N.12     ARSLOCKMON - Display Locking Information

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