A Guide to the Sheerpower Language

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2-1 Sheerpower Console Window
2-2 Console Window Keystrokes
6-1 DATE$ Function - Integer Values
6-2 DAYS Function - Integer Values
6-3 FULLTIME$ Function - Integer Values
6-4 Available character sets for CHARSET$
6-5 CONVERT$ Function: Supported Data Types
6-6 EDIT$ Function - Operation Values
6-7 FORMAT$ Function - Date Arguments
6-8 Supported Symbol Prefixes
9-1 SHEERPOWER Tag Attributes
9-2 INPUT Tag Attributes
9-3 SELECT Tag Attributes
9-4 TEXTAREA Tag Attributes
9-5 INLINE IMAGE Tag Attributes
9-6 FONT Tag Attributes
9-7 TABLE Tag Attributes
9-8 Table Row TR Tag Attributes
9-9 TABLE DATA TD Tag Attributes
11-1 Supported Keystroke Concepts
14-1 TEXTWINDOW Attributes
15-1 Table Types
16-1 Data Types in SETUP
16-2 Semantics Options in SETUP
16-3 Sort Options for Viewing Field Definitions
16-4 Display Options for Viewing Field Definitions
18-1 Sending Email - Optional Parameters Supported
18-2 CGI Environment Variables
18-3 TCP/IP Protocol Parameters
18-4 UDP Protocol Parameters
18-5 Communication Port Options
D-1 ASCII Character Set
F-1 Most Popular SPDEV Keystrokes
F-2 Programming Keystrokes
F-3 Keystroke Combinations
F-4 Select
F-5 Copy
F-6 Cut
F-7 Paste
F-8 Delete
F-9 Formatting
F-10 Keystrokes for Movement within a File
F-11 Search, Find and Replace Keystrokes
F-12 Keypad Editing Keystrokes
F-13 GOLD Keystrokes
F-14 Ctrl Keystrokes
F-15 F Keystrokes
F-16 Alt Keystrokes
F-17 Shift Keystrokes
F-18 Learn and Macros Keystrokes
F-19 All Keystrokes - Alphabetical Order
H-1 File Menu - Functions
H-2 Edit Menu
H-3 Find Menu
H-4 Display Menu
H-5 Projects Menu
H-6 SheerPower Menu
H-7 Options Menu
H-8 Change System Settings Option
H-9 Keystroke Functions
H-10 Advanced Menu
H-11 Window Menu
H-12 Help Menu
I-1 Routine Template: Optional Parameters
J-1 Program File List and Description
K-1 What is a 4GL?
L-1 CGI Environment Variables

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