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About the Fan Club  

The Official Maureen McCormick Fan Club was founded on August 20, 1997 by Lennon Parker and has been dedicated ever since bringing fans the most complete, comprehensive, and up-to-date news and resources regarding everything Maureen McCormick! The fan club keeps growing bigger and stronger everyday, which we can say is a true testament of what an incredible actress Maureen McCormick really is to all of her fans.

The early days...

In the early days we were a very small Web site, but tried to provide information and pictures that were not available anywhere else on the Web. In mid '97 the Web was still new and wasn't as big as it is today, and not much was available on Mo. Our biggest help to accomplish this task was Irene McCormick, Maureen's mother who provided us with special content and photos. Irene was a big help in getting this Web site started and continued to help until her passing.

In 1999, we had a good lick! Barry Williams (Greg, Brady Bunch) re-released his book "Growing Up Brady" and produced a TV movie based on his book. The night his movie aired this Web site got hammered and the bandwidth sky rocketed! We big time out did our limit! Our provider at the time told us the hits our Web site received beat out what CNN, and MSN were getting on a typical day! Ours was one night! Excited about this news and upset at the same time because the hits were nice and the public loved us, but at the same time the bandwidth fees cost us over a thousand dollars. Again, to our rescue Irene McCormick, Maureen's mother referred us to a contact at Touch Technologies and our hosting was taken care of and this problem would never happen again.

As the site was growing fast a big accomplishment and honor came our way. In early 2000 Irene declared this Web site as the "OFFICIAL"  fan club Web site for her daughter Maureen, and the title was changed from The Maureen McCormick Fan Club to The Official Maureen McCormick Fan Club.

In early 2007, the original Official Web site (not club site) was getting old and not being updated so it merged with this site. Again, this was a wonderful honor since becoming the Official fan club in 2000, but more work since we had visitors coming to this site from the original site. The extra work was worth it!

And today...

Since the Web site first launched in 1997 we have grown tremendously from what we originally started out with! Still till this day we are very proud to be doing this site for so many years which is A LABOR OF LOVE and having a very strong online fan base! Our primary goal is to focus strongly on the career and promoting the works of our favorite actress, Maureen McCormick.

Awards we have won:

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In Memory:

This Web site would not be where it is today without some special people. These two people helped us in more ways than they will ever know.

Irene McCormick:

As mentioned above Irene was the person who helped us get started and continued to help until her health didn't allow her. Irene consulted with us about what was posted on this site, news and the special features we did. Irene was very particular about what to post and what not to post. Irene was very active with this site and would help in any way she could. I remember from past conversations, if a program related to Maureen or the Brady's would come on in the middle of the night she would set her alarm to get up and watch it. That always impressed me, and shows love and support for her daughter.

Irene was very dedicated to Maureen's career and was Maureen's biggest fan. For several years Irene would answer fan e-mail and send out autographed photos to fans. I still miss swapping letters, and hearing the stories about Maureen and her career that Irene would share. Not only did she help with this site, but she helped me personally with advice about my education and yes, even grammar!!! :D I went on and graduated college, and made A's in all my English courses because I would remember rules to use and how to word sentences that she would share with me. Today, I still make typos (probably here on the site he, he), but I'm a lot better than where I was before 1997.

TJ Radwell III:

Another friend to this site was TJ Radwell III, I could write for hours about him. TJ was handicapped, but had a heart of gold. He never let his handicap be a disadvantage to him. TJ was a big Mo fan and would do numerous things for the site that would take me all day to name. But to mention just a few, he helped tremendously to get the word out about this site to fans in the early days when not much was available on Maureen. TJ would contact music media companies and share info about Maureen's CD, and hoping they would play it. He also contacted major music Web sites to get it featured.

If Maureen appeared in a film or had a role on film TJ would write reviews on every Web site that would allow it. Some of his reviews are still on this site! I remember Irene thought very highly of TJ for his admiration of Maureen and her career. I know TJ admired Irene as well, and told me on different occasions how much he always cherished the pen pal relationship he had with Maureen's mom. I remember he would write about how much Irene would cheer him up with encouraging words or how she would help fill in gaps about Maureen's career. Today, I still miss TJ and would wonder what his thoughts would be on Maureen's weight loss or doing music on CMT! He would probably be on cloud nine!

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