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Catching up with Maureen  

A lot of fans have written in to the Web site asking how Maureen is doing and what are her next projects. We contacted Maureen and below is our short interview with Maureen.

Howdy, Mo! Thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to be interviewed for the Web site!

1. What was the experience like on “Gone Country”? Did you take anything away from the show that will help you in your life or career?

Gone Country was incredible – a cathartic experience. The “take-away” is that I am more confident.

2. Several people have written in to the Web site, plus I have read a lot of great things about your song online that you performed on “Gone Country”. Do you have any plans to record more music in the future? Maybe your song you performed on “Gone Country” being released as a single?

I would love my song to be released as a single! Yes, I want to do more music...

3. Many people don’t know this, but you were the first person to star in a Pillsbury commercial! How did you land this special role?

It was a typical cattle-call audition and I was the lucky one left standing at the end.

4. Before landing the famous role on the hit TV show "The Brady Bunch", you appeared twice on another hit TV show "Bewitched." What was Elizabeth Montgomery, and the rest of the cast and crew like to work with?

They couldn’t have been nicer to work with. I talk about the experience in my upcoming book...

5. “The Brady Bunch,” (drum roll) Wow! All these years, and it’s still on TV with new generations of fans being born every day. What are your thoughts on the success of "The Brady Bunch" after all these years?

I love it!!!

6. While talking about "The Brady Bunch" do you have any particular fond memories?

The people I worked with, the people I met.

7. In 1999, "Growing up Brady" aired on TV based on Barry Williams autobiography. In the movie, Kaley Cuoco portrayed you. What are your thoughts on Kaley's performance? Was it strange seeing someone portray you?

I thought she was wonderful and yes, it is always strange seeing someone portraying me.

8. What in your opinion is the most rewarding thing happening to you in your career and why?

It’s in the book!

9. This year your autobiography, "Here's the Story" is set to be released. What could you share with us about your book? Any spoilers? :D

It’s honest and I tell everything!

10. Finally, how are things going for you these days? Any projects we can look for you in?

I have a new show coming up with Bobby Brown and Carnie Wilson – it’s a spin-off of Gone Country. Should be loads of fun and a little crazy.

Thank you again, for taking time out of your schedule to be interviewed for the Web site. We all cant wait for your new book! We all love you, and enjoy all your work! Do you have anything you would like to say to all your fans around the world?

I love you!!!

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